Be bold and be free

I have always felt bad about salaries. The greatest anxiety these days is of MONEY. I hate for someone, no matter how saintly the one is, to be calling the shot in my life. And that's what your salary payer does. They determine your life.
You keep saying tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow! I'll do this or that tomorrow, but you never start because you've been caught in the salary comfort zone - the monkey trap.
Let go of it and be free. Life is short. Gees! Show some faith man! Don't be so pessimistic about your future. As long as you are not going to be loafing around, I tell you you will earn your own mouth ! Just be enterprising. Do whatever your hands find to do. You will be okay. Do not look down on any investment opportunity if it will add a single dollar more to what you already have.
Get away from that salary trap, no matter how enticing. Once you leave the job, it ends. Build something of your own instead, no matter how humble, so long as it brings in money. That's what it's all about in the end, is it not? As you stay on it you will think of new and more ways to grow in your own business. You will never get rich earning salaries alone, believe me, except you do unethical things; and doing that is not an option to an wholesome person.
Talk back to me if you agree. Give suggestions, tell of specifics. People need to know that self employment is the in thing for today. Thanks.


Knowing what to do with our lives

Life is so easy these days as we have so many options, yet we run a higher risk of getting it all wrong. The freedom we enjoy today often becomes our undoing if we are not focussed. I stumbled upon a blog post which touches the heart of the basic struggle we all face on our way to making something good out of ourselves. Go to it. It is titled 'What do you really want?' at
We can be so many things, but as a result of confusion and inaction, we often become nothing. If we have the courage to shift from the mainstream of society, daring to be different; we may make it and we might not. But we might find happiness doing so. Having faith is a prerequisite for success. Only those who do things differently take the real risk. They are the ones who live by faith truly.