Prayers To Overhaul Your Destiny.

I have seen many things in my life. I have seen many things with my eyes. And upon inquiry into how come things are the ways they are with me I have formulated the following prayer points based on the hints I picked-up from my inquiries.
Freely I received, freely I now give. Here are the set of prayers which I believe if you applied yourself to in the mood of fasting for at least 21 days, praying especially between 00:00 hour and 03:30 hour, will re-align you to your divine purpose and essence.

1.    Holy Spirit please, guide me into the new positive steps in store for my life so that I will know how to reach, at the right time, the good things that my divine destiny holds for me in Jesus’ name.
2.    Blood of Jesus, destroy the negative forces that have been diverting my blessings in Jesus’ name.
3.    Oh Lord, remove confusion from my wishes in life and make them clear to your angels to perform in Jesus’ name.
4.    Holy Spirit, please don’t let me trust myself anymore to certain people who have been harming me through their acts and words, in Jesus’ name.
5.    Holy Spirit, help me find and manifest the hidden treasure deep inside of me in Jesus’ name.
6.    Blood of Jesus set free my psychological and spiritual faculties in Jesus’ name.
7.    Angels of God, please fight for me to regain and restore to me my positive personal magnetism in Jesus’ name.
8.    By Holy Ghost power let the general astral configuration and the theme of my birth join together now in harmony, in Jesus’ name.
9.    Father, prevent and cancel all destructive happenings at tremendously important moments in my life in Jesus’ name.
10. Angels of God, I ask you to guide me to achieve my destiny, in Jesus’ name.
11. Holy Ghost fire, neutralize the negative waves around me in Jesus’ name.
12. Holy Ghost fire, activate positive waves around me, in Jesus’ name.
13. Holy Spirit of God, lead me to take advantage of the astral light shining in my favor now, in Jesus’ name.

14. Angels of God, please manifest and convert to my benefit all the fabulous and extraordinary chances presented to me daily in Jesus’ name.
15. Angels of God, I invite you to help me decode and catch particular trigger mechanisms, faint revealing signs, secret winks, subtle messages that God has been sending me to enable me to gain great wealth and joy, in Jesus’ name.
16. Holy Spirit, please purify the atmosphere of my life to become totally positive, in Jesus’ name.
17. Blood of Jesus please set me free from all negative inhibitions and put into action my positive abilities in Jesus’ name.
18. Angels of God please grasp all the positive effects of the fabulous period of happiness coming my way and ensure they bring me all the best things in life in Jesus’ name.
19. Blood of Jesus absolutely destroy the negative environment that my life is in and make me take advantage of all the financial and other opportunities that I am going to meet, in Jesus’ name.
20. Angels of God fight against the evil eye and bewitchment and heal the damage they have done to my life in Jesus’ name.
21. You negative environment that is generating bad-luck into my life be completely eliminated now by the Blood of Jesus.
22. Angels of God please, quickly get me out of the disastrous circle of negativity which prevents me from finding the path to happiness in Jesus’ name.

23. Angels of God, please manifest and convert to my benefit all the    fabulous and extraordinary chances presented to me daily in Jesus’ name.