If The Lord Will Not Help You....

Whence Shall I Help You?

We are all lazy of faith, lazy of imagination that is productive. Rather than push the ceiling and shoot our expectations to God, we target them at people around us, because they are all we easily see. Instead of pushing to reach beyond them!

The only thing wrong with that is that the people around us are also caught up in the same issues that delimited us in the first place. If they are in the same shit with us, how can they help us?

"If the lord will not help you,whence shall I help you? From the threshing floor, or from the winepress". 2kings 6:27

If we are sincere about wanting to get out of our issues, we should look to God, rather than to people. He is the only one not in this same trap we are caught in. Give God no rest until He answers you.

I know that you might find it hard to do, just waiting for God to resolve your issues in his way and time. You feel like you are losing traction, grip, by letting Him have it. Well, you've heard  the saying ' so much activities with no progress'.

That's what you're going to be doing if you want to go ahead of God. Eventually, you'll wait for him to catch up if your activity is going to have any positive impact on things.

It's hard to do, but look to God and trust things to Him at ALL times. You'll just dissipate your energy for nothing if you don't. And you run the risk of being literarily CARRIED away from Him. Get what I mean.


What do you Have In Your Hand?

It often sounds too good to be believed, but God has given us examples how to live this life in comfort and peace.
With the widow of Zarephat God proved that even with whatever little resource we have he can redeem our situation if we trusted him. She had surrendered herself to  starvation. She was gathering sticks to make a fire with which to bake the last small meal of flour for herself and her son. But she honored the prophet's audacious request to bake the cake first for him from the small meal  left, and afterwards to then bake for herself and her son.

Because of this her display of trust, or would it be a state of 'quell sera sera', abandonment to fate. Whichever it was, she got a profound blessing pronounced upon her by the prophet to the effect that
'the meal of flour shall not be SPENT nor the cruse of oil RUN DRY till the day the LORD rains down blessings from heaven'
And it was so through out the famine period.

The next example is where Jesus had finished ministering to a multitude. It was late in the evening and they had been out there with him all day long. He did not want to just let them go with the verbal assurance that God will provide for them when they get home.

Upon his inquiry, it was discovered that a little boy in the crowd still had his lunch pack uneaten. Jesus asked for it to be brought to him, and the boy gave. He gave thanks, blessed and broke the bread and fish into pieces; and as he broke they kept multiplying! And the little boy's meal of small fish and a loaf of bread fed over five thousand men, not numbering women and children. And they gathered seven baskets full of leftover pieces of bread and fish!

Are you in a desperate situation now? From where you stand now do you consider that only a miracle can bail you out? Well, then if you are the one am talking about, lets look at your hands.
What d'you have in your hands now? Like your last meal of flour and cruse of oil? What do you have in your hands that's like that little boy's small fish and a loaf of bread?

Yea, that business that's almost dead, that unyielding investment, that skill you never acknowledged, that your home that's about to break up, that last money in your pocket, that, that, that! You've got the idea.

God must work with something in your hands. Even to create man he had to scoop up some sand from the ground. He can't help you with nothing in your hands. You must search out that thing you have that you can hand over to him and he can give thanks for, and bless and break and multiply till you are satisfied and you gather stores of leftovers!
What do you have in your life that God can use right now to work on your case?   


What Will You Give Me If I Deliver Him To You?

What will you give me if I get rid of the incriminating evidence for you? What will you give me if I got rid of your opponent for you? The possibilities are limitless. What will you give me if I soiled my hands for you while you maintain your facade with the people?
"They gave him 30 pieces of silver. And from that moment he sought an opportunity to betray him".
Have you too compromised yourself that you are now bound to seek out an opportunity to sell out your confidant, betray a trust?
Judas Iscariot discovered too late that what he expected wasn't going to happen and he hated ever taking those 30 pieces of silver. In fact, he hung himself for it because he could no longer live with himself.
Can you live with yourself after what you are about to do?
Do you really believe things will go as you planned? And even if it does, is it worth this betrayal you are doing?
Judas got eternally hurt from his betrayal of Jesus. As for Jesus, his hurt was already written and was for a greater good. But you, why does it have to be by you this temptation must come?
It's not too late to have a change of mind. But, it's really up to you. Like Judas, if you must, go on and do it!