Getting to the Heart of Love

If one goes by the Bible of the Christians, taken literally, life could be lived like in a fairy tale. However, it just does not make sense. And that itself is what it is really all about, the whole thing not making sense. Simply stated, you get born again, hand over the reins of your life to the Ghost of God, called the Holy Ghost / Spirit, and you are on a roller-coaster ride through life. Right? Anything you want, just ask in the name of Jesus and it's done for you. Right? How desirable such a life would be, but it is just sensibly unimaginable.

Life runs on such a logical level that sometimes it seems so unnecessary to pray. Naturally there are causes and effects in everything we experience in life. There are natural sequences that events follow given  the ideal environment for them. So, growth naturally follows birth, and after attaining maturity depreciation begins to set in. Whether you pray or not, when the seasons come they happen.
Now there are a number of  concerns of daily living that the practitioners of religion make such a big deal of as being the result of divine intervention . These are
Being healed of sickness and disease
Coming into wealthy and property
Having success in business, in a career, in education or any other venture or proposal you may think of.
Having things literally going your way.

The Philosophy of Life

In basic philosophy and logic we find that there is no one correct side to an argument or proposition. There are always other ways, none of them permanently superior to the others. Recall the saying ' one man's poison could be another man’s meat'. So, since life runs on such a predictable level,  how come religion holds such a big sway in the way people view happenings? If you meet the condition for good health you would be healthy. If you meet the condition to acquire wealth you would be wealthy, and if you do your needed preparation towards success you would be successful.
When people leave things to chance, or when they do nothing, they naturally do not want to take responsibility for the outcome. Then they pass it all unto God. I think that if people took the necessary steps to guarantee success  in whatever their venture may be, then being successful would not be such a big deal as to ascribe it to God alone. God's world is made to run straight, and He has equipped us to accomplish a lot of things, great things. However, so very many people are operating under capacity. Since they do not want to be involved or, not wanting to have to keep on registering success which would be demanded of them once they show they can succeed, they drop below the radar where they feel comfortable being unnoticed.
We know that there are always two sides to a coin or anything for that matter. When death occurs there is a bad side to it and there is a good side to it. If one suffers loss in any way there are good and bad sides to it. Equally, when something seemingly good happens, like you find the love of your life or you earn a big sum of money; if you would let yourself but see, these too have their negatives. What often happens therefore is that we keep our hearts latched to what we want without weighing all the sides. And when that happens we stagnate and limit ourselves. It is proper to always keep an open mind on things so that we would keep moving whatever happens.

What then is the Heart of Love?

 Jesus was introduced into God's plan for humanity because of the innate tendency of man to be depraved. Love for one's fellow man cannot be legislated. When a man is operating from the foundation of love nothing will be unachievable to him. That is, he would be finely tuned-up and flows naturally. To be in this way is getting to the heart of love. No miracle is called for and  nothing wows you because you are just being who you are.
You love people because you really do, not because the law says that you should not hurt somebody else. You  want to just do what you are doing without calculating how to run the other people out of the way. Your result flows naturally to you without you being mindful of it.
Getting to the heart of love is having no care for yourself, no anxiety of any sort. It is having the assurance inside of you that everything is well. That no matter how dark the clouds in the sky nor how turbulent the storm, you know you would come out of it safe, complete and unaffected.
To get to the heart of love is to have done all that is customary to do in our time, not looking for any free ride from anybody and not resorting to any black-hat strategy to winning, and then having a cool patience and rest in the knowledge that the perfect result will flow to you naturally.
Getting to the heart of love is to have the confidence that, when you have done all there is to be done, God is on your side telling you well done.
Resolving Disputes with the Heart of Love

I often wondered what it would seem like to give up fighting a dispute in which the opposing party clearly is not cooperating in getting it resolved. I have been in an issue like that for some time now and it is looking like it is taking a toll on everything around me. Then I thought perhaps it would be a good idea to just leave it all to God to sort out. And I wondered what it really is I'd be doing if I went on to do that.

Well, here is what I think, naturally. I'd be running away! As I could not get a redress of a wrong done me, I drop it all and move on and the offender smiles away with my benefits converted, my very own sweat. Could this really be an option? A practical option? What if love never prevails on the defaulter to pay me back? He just makes away with my property just because he frustrated my attempts at recovery?

Tell you the truth, it feels like chickening out, being cowardly!  But that would seem an alternate line of action – inaction. Love did say to turn the other cheek. Taking no action after stressing an issue for so long without resolution would be considered as a line of action, right? At least you are released from being locked-down on the issue. Hmm! This is really heavy. But again I ask, does it not amount to giving up? True, but when one's hand is in a lion's mouth it takes time (and I might add guile) to pull it out! Still, leaving the hand in the lion's mouth hoping it will eventually willingly release it is like, to me, wishing for the impossible. Now would this be the heart of love, or just admitting that one has been beaten?!
It's really confusing to me right now, so tell me what you think about this.


When Buying a Safety Motorcycle Helmet Would Have Saved a Man's Life

I saw a man dieing this evening. He was sprawled by the side of the tarred road right in front of my used car

sales spot. I did not know how he came to be dieing, but I saw two motor-bikes lieing on the ground by the road

side. Two motorcycles, two riders, but no motorcycle helmet in sight. It seemed they had collided. I really cannot say. I had driven the last of my cars to my house for the night

and I only happened to be out there because I brought out my salesman. Another man, who is likely to be the second

rider was not too badly wounded. He was trying to revive himself by doing some press-ups.

People quickly gathered round the dieing man but none offered a helping hand. I shone my head lamp at the victim

for them to see him well but still they just stood staring. I shoo-ed them off from him if they would not help.

The man had no motor-bike helmet on. Recently the government had legislated that every rider on a bike should put on a

motorcycle helmet. This one sadly will pay with his life for flouting that law.

A private hospital stood nearby, and a Local Government Health Centre nearly opposite the accident spot. But I know that none of

them could help the dieing man. They are not just equipped to give that level of health care. A shame for this

country's health-care program.

'Get some water to pour on him' I shouted but they said 'No'.
Why, I don't know. Perhaps, it has to do with how you treat people in shock.
'Well, don't just stand around watching him die, move him to the hospital' I said, frustrated.
'You give us your car to take him to the hospital' one of the on-lookers challenged me.
'But the hospital is only a walk away!' I said.
And I imagined blood from the man's cracked skull staining all over the back seat of the car, for it would be

callous to want to move him in the car booth. It is not even my car, in that sense, to use as I pleased. It is a

merchandise that somebody will eventually buy.
Seeing I was not getting through to them, I said this to no one in particular
'Well, suit yourself, do nothing, stand around and watch him die. If your time ever comes, people will stand and

watch you die the same way too'. And I drove away back to my home.

As I drove home I began to wonder at what I had just witnessed. Was it merely crowd mentality or something more

disturbing. In a crowd someone expects someone else to do something, and if no one takes the initiative they'll

all just be there till the man breathes his last. And then they'll begin to walk away one by one muttering to

themselves how unfortunate it had been that the man died. The people were just there, old and young, women and

men, no one willing to lift a hand. No one called any expert help. I must say that this thought did not occured to

me too while there. Not that there was any nearby. The man seemed to need an immediate intervention as there was

no time. There are really much that we are deficient in here.

This night marks the end of the Moslem annual Rahmadan 40-day fast. I am thinking that here in my environment,

when something really, really does not make sense there probably is something else to it. I wondered if the

accident was not pre-programmed by dark powers. Maybe the dieing man is a 'sacrificial meat' determined by the

unseen hands of diabolical powers. Maybe the people crowding him and yet would not lift a hand to help him live

were there to absorb his aura as it parts from him. Think me nuts, but things have been known to happen which you

can't even imagine.

I came home sulking at not being able to help. After I demobilized the cars I sat in the open ground near my

concrete fish pond under construction. I looked up at the sky and it was cloudy and dark all over. Then I had this

seemingly silly idea that if I could just spot a star in the night sky, just a lone star, that it would be an omen

that the dieing man would live. I pleaded with God. Then I looked and saw none. I checked again turning my head

around to really see, just one distant star, but it was gloomy in the skies. After a while I figured I should

really see if God would make a bargain with me and grant me this man's life by showing me just one star, but there are no stars out this night.


How Christian Singles Can Bear Fruit

“I am the vine, and my Father is the vinedresser. Every branch of mine that does not bear fruit, he takes away…” John 15:1,2.
christian singles bear fruit
“He who abides in me, and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing.
If a man does not abide in me, he is cast forth as a branch and withers…” John 15:5,6.
The above texts are quotes from the Christian Bible, the Revised Standard Version. I was sorting things out in my mind lately and I wondered if God was no longer in charge of the goings-on down here. You can get so used to being you that you forget who you are.
Perhaps, like me, your days have been filled with frustrations and near-successes for as long as you can remember. And you do all things right. You are fair in your relationship with everyone, yet situation always stabs you in the back.
It is good to hinge your life to something. For me, what works is aligning myself to the God of the universe through submission to the Lord Jesus. This is quite technical, as I have discovered. You are not automatically on a roller-coaster just for declaring for Jesus, as some overzealous preachers say to you; but it is a sure life. It means entering into covenant with God by means of Jesus, because he is the one who was crucified to clear the way for us to link back to God, should we feel convince to. This service earned Jesus the right of toll-collection from us on the highway back to God.
Now, usually covenants afford the parties to it duties and privileges. The Christian covenant is no different. However, it is not oppressive if you flow in the spirit of the covenant. You willingly submit and you willingly serve. And in turn your life is made heaven on earth literally.
What frequently happens though is that, like me, we submit but we don’t serve. So we bear no fruit………and of course, we are cast away, left unfulfilled, unblessed, frustrated, our ways thwarted. And we pray and fast and run helter-skelter looking for who will turn things around; never for once imagining that this thing could be from God himself.
Yes, I figure the grace argument would come up against me here, but was it not written “show me your works and I’ll show you your faith…” Much as God wants all men to be saved he does not condone loafing or purposeless existence. Essentially the scripture that says “…he who does not work, let him not eat…” could very well translate to “...he who would not serve, let him not be blessed…”. Yes we are saved by grace and not by works; but now that we are saved, we need to contribute our own reasonable service to keeping the Christian family going. We also need to “work-out (maintain) our salvation with fear and trembling”. And the fruit-bearing service that is top on the heart of God is snatching lives from the powers of darkness and death – evangelism – soul-winningsingle christians bearing fruit.
God is not unrighteous as we have seen from the foregoing; we are the ones who rarely keep our own side of the deal. Then, again there is the issue of God’s prerogative. He says he’d bless whom he chooses to bless. So, even if we have done all that is reasonable for us to do, having things go well for us is still not as of right! God does not operate a system run on formula. Sometimes our motives for doing what we do fail us, and we seem to God to be users of him instead of loving him. It’s really technical, as I said. God does not run a one-way traffic; he brings a lot of things that do not meet the eyes of the ordinary observer to play in his response to us. This of course, is not meant to make us fare-badly, but rather to teach us to be genuine in our relationships. Yet, he tempers justice with mercy and shows us favor when we least merit it.
Every one of us knows that we can always be better than what we are presently. Well, that is what God is up to. He wants to get us flying as eagles, but it won’t just happen just because we say we are Christians; we have to walk in ways becoming of our calling.  When it looks like we are up against the world and there seems to be no respite for us from disappointments, look inwards, it is likely that God is on our case about something we are missing. He never gives us over to powers outside of himself to be brought low. There is nothing wrong with life, we just might  be temporarily out of sync with our God.
Who then has ever seen God to say what is with him. Well, from the beginning of time it is known that what is with God could be deciphered by :
1.    Reading his word as represented by the scriptures. Meditating on his word, and doing what his word says we do. God and his will for us are revealed in his word. To know his word is to know him.
2.    Praying to God. Talk things over with God. Make peace with him. Acknowledge and confess your faults to God, asking for his help to do what is pleasing to him. Discuss with him about your plans. Ask him to guide you in your actions on anything you want to do.
3.    Fasting. When we deny ourselves usual and regular food and drinks we temper down our body and our spiritual antenna become more receptive to the signals of God. We should have a habit of fasting at least once a week to train and develop our spiritual faculties.
4.    Praise and worship God. Sing to God new songs. Everybody does have a song to sing. Sing your song to God.
5.    Play and spend your leisure time with God. Don’t make your relationship with God so formal. Loosen up with him. Call him up into your activities not just in prayers. Have an awareness of his presence in your activities. Talk out to him as you would a friend physically present with you. Like “Hey Dad, come down here a second and enjoy this (…..) with me. You are so thoughtful in all that you have provided me with in this sphere.”
6.    Recognize the Holy Spirit and his mandated work in our lives. Many of us live oblivious of the great advantage the Holy Spirit provides for us. We ignore him, or in our attempt to lean on our own understanding, we totally forget he is around to help us. So he becomes redundant and under-employed. For most of us, as with me, the Holy Spirit is always asleep in our lives because he has tried so hard to connect to us but we were never sensitive; and he has had to witness our entering into such sorrow that would have been avoided if only we were alert.
7.    Make use of the tools of our faith – blood of Jesus, name of Jesus, ministering angels. Invoke the Blood of Jesus. Decree, demand and assert in the Name of Jesus. Call up the Holy Angels of God – Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel (or Ariel). God has provided all these instrumentalities for our victorious living but we walk the earth as if we are left destitute.
Any life that adopts these practices in his walk with the Almighty will definitely soar through the skies. There is indeed nothing wrong with this life, most of us just don’t bother to give it what it requires. Make this little effort from today and in thirty days (or less) tell me about it!
wealthy relationships  


Teach your child to read in 30 days.

I have found a system to teach your child to read in 30 days. I have been concerned about the seeming inability to read of my children who are about to start first grade school. They had been attending pre-schools since they were about 2 years. I was told that they needed to be in pre-school classes so that they would not lag behind other children when time came to start first grade classes.Click Here! Imagine my fright when I discovered that they were not able to read in spite of the pre-school attendance preparatory to first grade. This story will inspire you to teach your child to read in 30 days too, if you are having worries about your child’s reading skill.Click Here!

A drastic action

I was well aware of my children’s inability to read but I expected the school to remedy it in good time. But no, as long as their fees were paid they saw no urgency in the matter. So, I had to withdraw my children from school to teach them at home just when they should be starting first grade.Click Here! I was afraid that my action might actually be jeopardizing their situation. Yet, I knew that unless they learnt to read and comprehend, they would be hugely disadvantaged, not only as first graders, but probably the rest of the way through school. I was hard driven, as you would to teach your child to read in 30 days.Click Here!

My alarming discovery.

I did not know where to start. When I sounded the children out I found that they actually knew a lot of things. They were loaded with stuffs in their heads, but there was no order - no method, no pattern. Mark you; this is good but, in my view, not necessary at their level. They were teaching them as if they were grade scholars; but without the needed basic foundation, and they were making them to cram, that is, memorise.Click Here! So, all they had in their heads were not by cognition at all. They made the kids cram stuffs, including the A, B, C and 1, 2, 3 so as to make their school look good. I had to learn fast, as I expect you would to teach your child to read in 30 days.Click Here!

I took corrective steps

• I began attempting to deprogram them from cramming by engaging them in reading, beginning with 2-letter words. As I did this the enormity of the task dawned on me – having to teach your child to read in 30 days. These people had left my kids all muddled-up.Click Here!

• I searched the internet for resources and guidance and was lucky to get some useful clues and pointers that would also enable you to teach your child to read in 30 days.Click Here!

• To teach your child to read in 30 days you would go shopping, as I did, for home teaching equipment like white-boards and markers, portable numbers and alphabet boards with removable numbers and letters. Click Here!

• Then I turned to their school books and was surprised to see that the texts actually support the strategy I had adopted. I taught them by the sounds of the letters of the alphabets (phonics), which we know are split into vowels and consonants. All these have sounds; some silent, some audible. Knowing and identifying these sounds facilitates the child’s ability to form words. And so, this is a way to teach your child to read in 30 days.Click Here!

• Then; just when I discovered how you’d teach your child to read in 30 days, I rammed my head into the children's sheer stubbornness and unwillingness to cooperate with me because they have been used to memorizing and guessing.Click Here! Not withstanding my passion, I was put off and discouraged. I had discovered what had to be done and I knew how it's to be done, but the psychology of the children stood in the way. Also, I discovered that I am often too busy to teach them; so their lessons suffered.Click Here!

• I employed and engaged private home teachers hoping that they would have a handle on the general matter of reading, as they are professionals and all. (Their fees; paid monthly, are higher than regular school term tuition, considering that a term runs for three months). But that's not the problem; it is rather that I seem to have a better perspective than them of how to teach your child to read in 30 days.Click Here! I have briefed them three times now and would really hate to have to send them back to their agency. I know that Board certified teachers who are open to this kind of engagement may exist, but until I find any, I’ll be making do with these ones. You can see that you too can teach your child to read in 30 days.Click Here!

• I also know that there are teachers specially trained to teach your child to read. It is better to employ them because they would know how to get past the child’s psychology and make the program a holistic package.Click Here!

The benefits

I am now confidently re-enrolling my kids into a school for next term and I am sure now that they will cope adequately. This has been for me a real demonstration of the strategy of taking a step backward to build momentum.Click Here! Taking a drastic action like mine to teach your child to read make certain that school will no longer be dreadful for any of our children.Click Here!

If you have kids of your own or kids under your care who have problem reading and you are interested in the full technique I adopted to teach your child to read in 30 days Click Here! Also see  http://www.preksmarties.com/reading/index.htm
and http://www.starfall.com/n/level-a/learn-to-read/load.htm?f for more help.


If God Died Today How Would You Cope?

I have just had one of my psyching moments with my six year old son. I tried to impress on him the importance of making the most of my time with him, since I might not be with him forever! And then this thought occurred to me:

‘If God died today what would I do? Have I done my best with my moments with God? Have I made the most of my relationship with Him? If God were to die now, have I learnt enough of Him to keep me going straight without getting into a mess?’ ‘am afraid not!

With our earthly relations time eventually comes when we must part by irreconcilable differences or death, and we who are left on earth’s realm soon learn to move on without them; in spite of an occasional regret that we had not made the most of the time we shared in life. However, life itself seems to gradually grow us into people not closely attached for the sole purpose of making it easy for us to carry on with life without each other. For instance, parents should reflect and see how they begin to be detached from their adorable new born as they gradually develop into regular humans manifesting hate-able traits occasionally.
But can we do without God, ever? Yet, supposing we were to have Him taken away from our lives for an indefinite time, what would we wish we had covered effectively with Him that might enable us keep going on our own?

Whatever comes to your mind as you think on this matter go ahead and set it straight with God right away for time might be short. There is indeed a scripture that refers to the eventuality that there would be scarcity of the presence of God in the future: people would be seeking to see Him but He would not be found!

As I distress myself over my six year old son’s playfulness (and, of course, he is only a child, I know) so I believe God is grieving that a lot of us are playing away our time with Him instead of taking advantage of His wealth of experience on matters of life!Click Here!


God's Morality

“Let us with a gladsome mind

Praise the Lord for He is kind

For His mercies aye endure

Ever faithful, ever sure!”

There comes a time in life when we must declare openly what we stand for, what we believe, what we are willing to die for. I have been a Christian, a practicing Christian since Easter of 1987, but I have pretty much allowed those whom I have come in contact with ever since to determine their own standard of morality and godliness. I have never really pushed anyone to up his level of dedication. Perhaps, I was avoiding being seen as a spoil sport. But God’s word is immutable whether we feel good about it or not.

We must be born again, God states in His word. Born of the Spirit and Water; and repentant of our waywardness, we’d be reconciled with God and enabled to live right. This enablement comes from our believing, accepting and confessing the lordship of Jesus Christ over our life and situation.

With Jesus we have nothing to prove really. He asks us to come as we are. He gave an analogy that only the sick needs a doctor. In the same thought, it is implied that we cannot wait till we clean up ourselves by ourselves before we go to Him. If we could do that, we would not be needing Jesus. Come as you are, he said. We who are burdened and are heavy laden are encouraged to lay down our oppressive weight and take up His yoke which is easy in comparison!

Come to Jesus today. Whatever good thing you have going for you that you think giving in to Him might take from you will only be enhanced and embellished with beauty if you give things up to Jesus.

I have been through so much that could have destroyed me in these few years of mine, but I am still standing, looking forward to every new day. I am no hero. Jesus is the One who has made this happen for me. And am sorry to all the people I have encountered in my life to whom Jesus would have made a difference; but I kept Him hidden so you can feel good about yourself, though you should not. I have failed you gravely and I ask for your eternal forgiveness.

‘What has it profited me trying to be a nice guy but you risk being damned because I failed to stand in the gap…’

Please, come to Jesus so you may find life. Buy a complete Bible and read it through till you get it, then find a church that agrees, in the main, with what you have read. Go there to fellowship with the members and with God to form Christian relationships, and not because you are looking for miracles. Although, miracles will fill your days hence and you may not even be aware of them because they are not your focus. Give your life up for others in whatever way Christ instructs and you will find meaning, satisfaction and glory!