If God Died Today How Would You Cope?

I have just had one of my psyching moments with my six year old son. I tried to impress on him the importance of making the most of my time with him, since I might not be with him forever! And then this thought occurred to me:

‘If God died today what would I do? Have I done my best with my moments with God? Have I made the most of my relationship with Him? If God were to die now, have I learnt enough of Him to keep me going straight without getting into a mess?’ ‘am afraid not!

With our earthly relations time eventually comes when we must part by irreconcilable differences or death, and we who are left on earth’s realm soon learn to move on without them; in spite of an occasional regret that we had not made the most of the time we shared in life. However, life itself seems to gradually grow us into people not closely attached for the sole purpose of making it easy for us to carry on with life without each other. For instance, parents should reflect and see how they begin to be detached from their adorable new born as they gradually develop into regular humans manifesting hate-able traits occasionally.
But can we do without God, ever? Yet, supposing we were to have Him taken away from our lives for an indefinite time, what would we wish we had covered effectively with Him that might enable us keep going on our own?

Whatever comes to your mind as you think on this matter go ahead and set it straight with God right away for time might be short. There is indeed a scripture that refers to the eventuality that there would be scarcity of the presence of God in the future: people would be seeking to see Him but He would not be found!

As I distress myself over my six year old son’s playfulness (and, of course, he is only a child, I know) so I believe God is grieving that a lot of us are playing away our time with Him instead of taking advantage of His wealth of experience on matters of life!Click Here!

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