God's Morality

“Let us with a gladsome mind

Praise the Lord for He is kind

For His mercies aye endure

Ever faithful, ever sure!”

There comes a time in life when we must declare openly what we stand for, what we believe, what we are willing to die for. I have been a Christian, a practicing Christian since Easter of 1987, but I have pretty much allowed those whom I have come in contact with ever since to determine their own standard of morality and godliness. I have never really pushed anyone to up his level of dedication. Perhaps, I was avoiding being seen as a spoil sport. But God’s word is immutable whether we feel good about it or not.

We must be born again, God states in His word. Born of the Spirit and Water; and repentant of our waywardness, we’d be reconciled with God and enabled to live right. This enablement comes from our believing, accepting and confessing the lordship of Jesus Christ over our life and situation.

With Jesus we have nothing to prove really. He asks us to come as we are. He gave an analogy that only the sick needs a doctor. In the same thought, it is implied that we cannot wait till we clean up ourselves by ourselves before we go to Him. If we could do that, we would not be needing Jesus. Come as you are, he said. We who are burdened and are heavy laden are encouraged to lay down our oppressive weight and take up His yoke which is easy in comparison!

Come to Jesus today. Whatever good thing you have going for you that you think giving in to Him might take from you will only be enhanced and embellished with beauty if you give things up to Jesus.

I have been through so much that could have destroyed me in these few years of mine, but I am still standing, looking forward to every new day. I am no hero. Jesus is the One who has made this happen for me. And am sorry to all the people I have encountered in my life to whom Jesus would have made a difference; but I kept Him hidden so you can feel good about yourself, though you should not. I have failed you gravely and I ask for your eternal forgiveness.

‘What has it profited me trying to be a nice guy but you risk being damned because I failed to stand in the gap…’

Please, come to Jesus so you may find life. Buy a complete Bible and read it through till you get it, then find a church that agrees, in the main, with what you have read. Go there to fellowship with the members and with God to form Christian relationships, and not because you are looking for miracles. Although, miracles will fill your days hence and you may not even be aware of them because they are not your focus. Give your life up for others in whatever way Christ instructs and you will find meaning, satisfaction and glory!

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