When Good Men do Nothing!

A man would not sow destruction and expect to reap peace in his life. If you want good, do good. Think good, say good. The spirit of goodness will alight on you and take care of the rest.
How can one be so deluded that he expects to achieve good by carrying out an evil act? Beats me! The force of the universe is an impartial arbiter which ensures that like action begets like. It is true that which we have often heard said, that we reap what we sow. So if you want to counter the reign of evil anywhere, respond to it with good. Or else there will be no end to it. Elect to let go of your rights sometimes, turn the other cheek. Don't press charges on account of that wrong. You lose nothing really because what belongs to Peter is also Paul's. We are all one family and we need to do more good to break the chain of evil. And if you have been really unjustly treated God is the one who has the prerogative of vengeance. He can do it in a way that still keeps the family together. But you, if you avenge yourself your flesh will come into play and you will destroy all things.


God is right, you know!

Holiness appears to be a retired injunction these days. Dear Lord, please help your children. We all need to realise that God is always right. What is right is right, and what is wrong is ..........can't be right, for sure! Did you notice that? I even played safe by not saying wrong straightly!
Heck! Day is still day and night is still night- no matter how we look at it! Call it old fashioned philosophy or not. But those who died died and we who live are living, and it feels better to live than die. We're not saying those who die are the worst people, but we who live should humble ourselves and fall in line with the owner of life, the Lord of Life.
Today we have compromised everything in an attempt to be accepted. But I ask the same eternal question ' what does it profit you to gain the world and lose your soul?' What do you gain if you are accepted by the world and you are detested by God? When you're alone, are you happy with yourself? Or do you try to hide your reality in drinks or drugs or pointless digging into things that take you nowhere? In today's world we mock the righteous and applaud the unrighteous, we acclaim obscenity and deride decency. We embrace the liar and condemn the honest.
You know, still, God is right. If we are going to get anywhere, we are going to do things the way He approves. No matter how far gone from the true direction we may have, until we make a u-turn we would not have started.


Having been so hard on myself myself...

Hi, today I want to tell you something about myself. I was not always smart as I seem to be today. In fact, it used to be of great concern to me back in the days. So much so that every time I turned another year I would have a private session with myself where I reviewed the past year and thought about all the things I did in the year which I felt was stupid. I'd smack myself hard on the chick for things I considered spectacular goofs! Why would I do that to myself? Well, though not under any pressure to punish myself, I felt if I did something to myself which I would remember, and which hurt; it would help keep me from repeating it or deter me from doing any such thing next time. Weird, wasn't I? But I managed to keep myself under check this way, somewhat! Looking back today, it seemed I became a father to myself and inculcated a measure of discipline into my youthful heart and head.Having been so hard on myself myself, I now expect the same military standard of those who are under me - family and work mates alike!
I know that life should be balanced, all work and no play making Jack dull and all that. But what was a kid without a father-figure supposed to do short of following his childish inclination? Somehow God took my essence out of my youthful embodiment and made it drive me through the path of right to my maturity. And today I stand, though not having arrived, knowing what is right from wrong; I have the strenght and courage to do that which is right!


Slow Down, Look at Yourself....

Fair judgement. Good conscience. When one is doing wrong it never helps to deny it to oneself. Self deception only hurts you more. I believe that to remedy wrong one should acknowledge guilt. We should judge ourselves and initiate corrective steps rather than wait till others pass the judgement on us. Doing so would even save us face and just might accord us honor. Our image would be redeemed and we would appear to be wise. All just because we slowed down, looked at ourselves objectively and mended our ways.
God is fair in His dealings with all. It is our own choices that determine how we turn out. If we do the will of God it will certainly be well with us. But if we follow a wayward path things will not be pleasant. It is just a matter of time.

Thanks be to God! ( who daily causes us to triumph)

I want to thank the Lord God, Almighty for causing this good work to begin. He is the author and the finisher of all that is good.
In these days when people seem to glory in themselves it will appear a hard thing to do to point you to resources beyond yourself. Yet God is all and in all . Who are we that He has not made us to be, what do we have that He has not given us; what can we really do without Him?
If one learns early to humble oneself before God one would have saved oneself from tons of heartaches and woes. Agree with God for He is always right. And you know what? We have nothing to prove to Him. As I know he is always vindicated in His ways. Walk in His ways and you will find much help doing so.