When Good Men do Nothing!

A man would not sow destruction and expect to reap peace in his life. If you want good, do good. Think good, say good. The spirit of goodness will alight on you and take care of the rest.
How can one be so deluded that he expects to achieve good by carrying out an evil act? Beats me! The force of the universe is an impartial arbiter which ensures that like action begets like. It is true that which we have often heard said, that we reap what we sow. So if you want to counter the reign of evil anywhere, respond to it with good. Or else there will be no end to it. Elect to let go of your rights sometimes, turn the other cheek. Don't press charges on account of that wrong. You lose nothing really because what belongs to Peter is also Paul's. We are all one family and we need to do more good to break the chain of evil. And if you have been really unjustly treated God is the one who has the prerogative of vengeance. He can do it in a way that still keeps the family together. But you, if you avenge yourself your flesh will come into play and you will destroy all things.

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