Having been so hard on myself myself...

Hi, today I want to tell you something about myself. I was not always smart as I seem to be today. In fact, it used to be of great concern to me back in the days. So much so that every time I turned another year I would have a private session with myself where I reviewed the past year and thought about all the things I did in the year which I felt was stupid. I'd smack myself hard on the chick for things I considered spectacular goofs! Why would I do that to myself? Well, though not under any pressure to punish myself, I felt if I did something to myself which I would remember, and which hurt; it would help keep me from repeating it or deter me from doing any such thing next time. Weird, wasn't I? But I managed to keep myself under check this way, somewhat! Looking back today, it seemed I became a father to myself and inculcated a measure of discipline into my youthful heart and head.Having been so hard on myself myself, I now expect the same military standard of those who are under me - family and work mates alike!
I know that life should be balanced, all work and no play making Jack dull and all that. But what was a kid without a father-figure supposed to do short of following his childish inclination? Somehow God took my essence out of my youthful embodiment and made it drive me through the path of right to my maturity. And today I stand, though not having arrived, knowing what is right from wrong; I have the strenght and courage to do that which is right!

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