God is right, you know!

Holiness appears to be a retired injunction these days. Dear Lord, please help your children. We all need to realise that God is always right. What is right is right, and what is wrong is ..........can't be right, for sure! Did you notice that? I even played safe by not saying wrong straightly!
Heck! Day is still day and night is still night- no matter how we look at it! Call it old fashioned philosophy or not. But those who died died and we who live are living, and it feels better to live than die. We're not saying those who die are the worst people, but we who live should humble ourselves and fall in line with the owner of life, the Lord of Life.
Today we have compromised everything in an attempt to be accepted. But I ask the same eternal question ' what does it profit you to gain the world and lose your soul?' What do you gain if you are accepted by the world and you are detested by God? When you're alone, are you happy with yourself? Or do you try to hide your reality in drinks or drugs or pointless digging into things that take you nowhere? In today's world we mock the righteous and applaud the unrighteous, we acclaim obscenity and deride decency. We embrace the liar and condemn the honest.
You know, still, God is right. If we are going to get anywhere, we are going to do things the way He approves. No matter how far gone from the true direction we may have, until we make a u-turn we would not have started.

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