Teach your child to read in 30 days.

I have found a system to teach your child to read in 30 days. I have been concerned about the seeming inability to read of my children who are about to start first grade school. They had been attending pre-schools since they were about 2 years. I was told that they needed to be in pre-school classes so that they would not lag behind other children when time came to start first grade classes.Click Here! Imagine my fright when I discovered that they were not able to read in spite of the pre-school attendance preparatory to first grade. This story will inspire you to teach your child to read in 30 days too, if you are having worries about your child’s reading skill.Click Here!

A drastic action

I was well aware of my children’s inability to read but I expected the school to remedy it in good time. But no, as long as their fees were paid they saw no urgency in the matter. So, I had to withdraw my children from school to teach them at home just when they should be starting first grade.Click Here! I was afraid that my action might actually be jeopardizing their situation. Yet, I knew that unless they learnt to read and comprehend, they would be hugely disadvantaged, not only as first graders, but probably the rest of the way through school. I was hard driven, as you would to teach your child to read in 30 days.Click Here!

My alarming discovery.

I did not know where to start. When I sounded the children out I found that they actually knew a lot of things. They were loaded with stuffs in their heads, but there was no order - no method, no pattern. Mark you; this is good but, in my view, not necessary at their level. They were teaching them as if they were grade scholars; but without the needed basic foundation, and they were making them to cram, that is, memorise.Click Here! So, all they had in their heads were not by cognition at all. They made the kids cram stuffs, including the A, B, C and 1, 2, 3 so as to make their school look good. I had to learn fast, as I expect you would to teach your child to read in 30 days.Click Here!

I took corrective steps

• I began attempting to deprogram them from cramming by engaging them in reading, beginning with 2-letter words. As I did this the enormity of the task dawned on me – having to teach your child to read in 30 days. These people had left my kids all muddled-up.Click Here!

• I searched the internet for resources and guidance and was lucky to get some useful clues and pointers that would also enable you to teach your child to read in 30 days.Click Here!

• To teach your child to read in 30 days you would go shopping, as I did, for home teaching equipment like white-boards and markers, portable numbers and alphabet boards with removable numbers and letters. Click Here!

• Then I turned to their school books and was surprised to see that the texts actually support the strategy I had adopted. I taught them by the sounds of the letters of the alphabets (phonics), which we know are split into vowels and consonants. All these have sounds; some silent, some audible. Knowing and identifying these sounds facilitates the child’s ability to form words. And so, this is a way to teach your child to read in 30 days.Click Here!

• Then; just when I discovered how you’d teach your child to read in 30 days, I rammed my head into the children's sheer stubbornness and unwillingness to cooperate with me because they have been used to memorizing and guessing.Click Here! Not withstanding my passion, I was put off and discouraged. I had discovered what had to be done and I knew how it's to be done, but the psychology of the children stood in the way. Also, I discovered that I am often too busy to teach them; so their lessons suffered.Click Here!

• I employed and engaged private home teachers hoping that they would have a handle on the general matter of reading, as they are professionals and all. (Their fees; paid monthly, are higher than regular school term tuition, considering that a term runs for three months). But that's not the problem; it is rather that I seem to have a better perspective than them of how to teach your child to read in 30 days.Click Here! I have briefed them three times now and would really hate to have to send them back to their agency. I know that Board certified teachers who are open to this kind of engagement may exist, but until I find any, I’ll be making do with these ones. You can see that you too can teach your child to read in 30 days.Click Here!

• I also know that there are teachers specially trained to teach your child to read. It is better to employ them because they would know how to get past the child’s psychology and make the program a holistic package.Click Here!

The benefits

I am now confidently re-enrolling my kids into a school for next term and I am sure now that they will cope adequately. This has been for me a real demonstration of the strategy of taking a step backward to build momentum.Click Here! Taking a drastic action like mine to teach your child to read make certain that school will no longer be dreadful for any of our children.Click Here!

If you have kids of your own or kids under your care who have problem reading and you are interested in the full technique I adopted to teach your child to read in 30 days Click Here! Also see  http://www.preksmarties.com/reading/index.htm
and http://www.starfall.com/n/level-a/learn-to-read/load.htm?f for more help.

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