Getting to the Heart of Love

If one goes by the Bible of the Christians, taken literally, life could be lived like in a fairy tale. However, it just does not make sense. And that itself is what it is really all about, the whole thing not making sense. Simply stated, you get born again, hand over the reins of your life to the Ghost of God, called the Holy Ghost / Spirit, and you are on a roller-coaster ride through life. Right? Anything you want, just ask in the name of Jesus and it's done for you. Right? How desirable such a life would be, but it is just sensibly unimaginable.

Life runs on such a logical level that sometimes it seems so unnecessary to pray. Naturally there are causes and effects in everything we experience in life. There are natural sequences that events follow given  the ideal environment for them. So, growth naturally follows birth, and after attaining maturity depreciation begins to set in. Whether you pray or not, when the seasons come they happen.
Now there are a number of  concerns of daily living that the practitioners of religion make such a big deal of as being the result of divine intervention . These are
Being healed of sickness and disease
Coming into wealthy and property
Having success in business, in a career, in education or any other venture or proposal you may think of.
Having things literally going your way.

The Philosophy of Life

In basic philosophy and logic we find that there is no one correct side to an argument or proposition. There are always other ways, none of them permanently superior to the others. Recall the saying ' one man's poison could be another man’s meat'. So, since life runs on such a predictable level,  how come religion holds such a big sway in the way people view happenings? If you meet the condition for good health you would be healthy. If you meet the condition to acquire wealth you would be wealthy, and if you do your needed preparation towards success you would be successful.
When people leave things to chance, or when they do nothing, they naturally do not want to take responsibility for the outcome. Then they pass it all unto God. I think that if people took the necessary steps to guarantee success  in whatever their venture may be, then being successful would not be such a big deal as to ascribe it to God alone. God's world is made to run straight, and He has equipped us to accomplish a lot of things, great things. However, so very many people are operating under capacity. Since they do not want to be involved or, not wanting to have to keep on registering success which would be demanded of them once they show they can succeed, they drop below the radar where they feel comfortable being unnoticed.
We know that there are always two sides to a coin or anything for that matter. When death occurs there is a bad side to it and there is a good side to it. If one suffers loss in any way there are good and bad sides to it. Equally, when something seemingly good happens, like you find the love of your life or you earn a big sum of money; if you would let yourself but see, these too have their negatives. What often happens therefore is that we keep our hearts latched to what we want without weighing all the sides. And when that happens we stagnate and limit ourselves. It is proper to always keep an open mind on things so that we would keep moving whatever happens.

What then is the Heart of Love?

 Jesus was introduced into God's plan for humanity because of the innate tendency of man to be depraved. Love for one's fellow man cannot be legislated. When a man is operating from the foundation of love nothing will be unachievable to him. That is, he would be finely tuned-up and flows naturally. To be in this way is getting to the heart of love. No miracle is called for and  nothing wows you because you are just being who you are.
You love people because you really do, not because the law says that you should not hurt somebody else. You  want to just do what you are doing without calculating how to run the other people out of the way. Your result flows naturally to you without you being mindful of it.
Getting to the heart of love is having no care for yourself, no anxiety of any sort. It is having the assurance inside of you that everything is well. That no matter how dark the clouds in the sky nor how turbulent the storm, you know you would come out of it safe, complete and unaffected.
To get to the heart of love is to have done all that is customary to do in our time, not looking for any free ride from anybody and not resorting to any black-hat strategy to winning, and then having a cool patience and rest in the knowledge that the perfect result will flow to you naturally.
Getting to the heart of love is to have the confidence that, when you have done all there is to be done, God is on your side telling you well done.
Resolving Disputes with the Heart of Love

I often wondered what it would seem like to give up fighting a dispute in which the opposing party clearly is not cooperating in getting it resolved. I have been in an issue like that for some time now and it is looking like it is taking a toll on everything around me. Then I thought perhaps it would be a good idea to just leave it all to God to sort out. And I wondered what it really is I'd be doing if I went on to do that.

Well, here is what I think, naturally. I'd be running away! As I could not get a redress of a wrong done me, I drop it all and move on and the offender smiles away with my benefits converted, my very own sweat. Could this really be an option? A practical option? What if love never prevails on the defaulter to pay me back? He just makes away with my property just because he frustrated my attempts at recovery?

Tell you the truth, it feels like chickening out, being cowardly!  But that would seem an alternate line of action – inaction. Love did say to turn the other cheek. Taking no action after stressing an issue for so long without resolution would be considered as a line of action, right? At least you are released from being locked-down on the issue. Hmm! This is really heavy. But again I ask, does it not amount to giving up? True, but when one's hand is in a lion's mouth it takes time (and I might add guile) to pull it out! Still, leaving the hand in the lion's mouth hoping it will eventually willingly release it is like, to me, wishing for the impossible. Now would this be the heart of love, or just admitting that one has been beaten?!
It's really confusing to me right now, so tell me what you think about this.

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