I Will Come To You, But Will You Wait?

Knowing and Trusting God

Walking with God really is the greatest advantage you can find in life. As far as I know to date  God is the only one whom I know never disappointed anyone. Others may not have wanted to disappoint you, but when unforeseeable or unfavorable circumstance shows up they renege.
When we call God into a situation you are rest assured that He will resolve it perfectly with all concerned getting real satisfaction. In God no one loses. Our problem, though, is that God's solution always seem like a dream; like too good to be true. And so we switch into DIY.
In trying to get our self-baked solution, we go through unnecessary pain and agony, we hurt others, we sear our conscience and live in denial that we are the way we should be. And we hurt God Himself! And when at the end of the day, we come to  the end of our road, we go right back to God where we'd have been all along.
God says to us today that He will come to us when we call on Him. What He wants to know is, would we be patient and trusting to wait for Him until He comes into our situation? Especially, when waiting makes us look brainless or weak?! God will come alright, but do we trust Him; would we wait for Him..?

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