If The Lord Will Not Help You....

Whence Shall I Help You?

We are all lazy of faith, lazy of imagination that is productive. Rather than push the ceiling and shoot our expectations to God, we target them at people around us, because they are all we easily see. Instead of pushing to reach beyond them!

The only thing wrong with that is that the people around us are also caught up in the same issues that delimited us in the first place. If they are in the same shit with us, how can they help us?

"If the lord will not help you,whence shall I help you? From the threshing floor, or from the winepress". 2kings 6:27

If we are sincere about wanting to get out of our issues, we should look to God, rather than to people. He is the only one not in this same trap we are caught in. Give God no rest until He answers you.

I know that you might find it hard to do, just waiting for God to resolve your issues in his way and time. You feel like you are losing traction, grip, by letting Him have it. Well, you've heard  the saying ' so much activities with no progress'.

That's what you're going to be doing if you want to go ahead of God. Eventually, you'll wait for him to catch up if your activity is going to have any positive impact on things.

It's hard to do, but look to God and trust things to Him at ALL times. You'll just dissipate your energy for nothing if you don't. And you run the risk of being literarily CARRIED away from Him. Get what I mean.

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