Finding My Life's Unique Purpose

I desire to find my purpose in life as I believe that existence is for a purpose. Do not begin to assume that, since I write on this blog that I myself have it all together. No, we all have issues we are trying to resolve. We just do so trying to be of help to one another. It often helps to know that you are not alone in what you are passing through.

It's not so easy finding your niche in life because we all are almost always able to do quite a number of things proficiently. Yet we are called only to one of them. Which is it? That has always been the big question. It has been said that if we knew the answer we would all attain greatness easily since we would plug into destiny right away.

Someone said to me that if I do not look forward to going to my work with enthusiasm it is likely am out of purpose. I may have disciplined myself to stay on the job because of financial expediency, yet it would not be my place in life. It would appear that most of humanity spend their lives in pursuit of callings to which they were not called.

The greatest achievement one would make in life, which ultimately makes every other thing run smoothly like play, is to find out where one ought to be going on this journey of life. What should you be doing that gives you the greatest fulfilment? That would likely be your purpose, but even our hearts deceive us as to what makes for our greatest fulfilment.

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