Ask For Help

Ask for help. We know we are endowed with smart brains, and it gets even better with our getting education and skills acquisition. We tend to want to do it all our self. You know what, you don't have to 'cause you have nothing to prove.
True, some people achieve in life by themselves, but they do so with a struggle. And they are always uptight and afraid to loosen-up. You achieve a lot more effortlessly when you ask for help, even God's help. The hand of God on your situation turns things out perfectly, no one else can do better.
His help saves you a lot of wasted effort. And you can take his help just by asking Him. Having done so, remember to recognize Him as you go along your doings. Some of us after praying leave God at home as we go out trying to sort things out by the use of our heads. Using our heads is not bad in itself provided we have allowed God to take over our heads. That's when we become 'sheep' to him, witless, as it were. We must surrender to God's understanding, not to trust in our mind.I believe those who know the techniques of God call it operating in grace.

The good thing is that grace is not far from us. We only have to walk in God's counsel to have it. We can also tap into the grace upon someone else's life by serving that person in the area of assisting him or her to fulfil their calling. We tap into the grace upon their lives by giving of our resources to them, even if they are worth millions already. It is not to them you are giving, rather you are connecting to the source of grace on their lives. We can also receive grace operating in our lives by taking in knowledge of our God. Miracles have a way of avoiding those who trust in themselves. Perhaps, more important than other means is the need to locate one's place in life. When you are operating in your divinely appointed area in life you most assuredly have grace working for you.
Life becomes very cheap to live, indeed, if we ask for God's help all the way.

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