Rubbishing, Well Deserved

My boss recently slighted me in a way that challeged my emotional constituents.
Though I wore a placid face he still won't let go. He had to come tell me how a certain senior director was more qualified for CEO but was side-tracked for a younger and newer director. In his words ' the man had really been rubbished, and the only thing left for him to do was to resign'. He seemed to think I did not understand what he did to me so he made sure there was no doubt.
I told him that it was sometimes a helpful thing to get rubbished so that one could refocuss properly and drive towards destiny. That shut him up for good.
Nigeria was deservedly rubbished by Obama's recent visit to Ghana. Giant of Africa, indeed, aren't we?. The leaders of my country better now learn to burn their boats. For they better not look forward to going home till they make things right at the seat of power. And they better start telling themselves the truth for once, without explaining things away. I only pity my dear President, ailing and frail Umar Musa Yar'Adua. May God quicken the honest man.

Don't we know that governance determines development? Heck , why do they think we have been hankering on the bad rulers we have been bedeviled with? Well, all of you rest of Africa put your house in order for you have been visited and found wanting!.

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