Staying Still To Hear and To Do

When God Speaks

We are a people led by God. We chose to be, although He is the one who called us. We follow Him willingly, and He is not a slave-driver by any means. We should listen to and obey His word spoken into our situation, if we are not to make Him look like He is unable in our affairs.

When God speaks we are to take it as He says. We don't negotiate His prescription for our well-being. The just lives by faith. The just must live by complying with what God has given as the solution to our needs.

I despair when I feel disconnected to God, when I am not sure of what is going on around me. I hate the moments I've had to lean on my understanding under the pressure of what was happening, though feeling convinced that God would have me do things differently!

The person to whom God gives a word for a situation is really better placed than anyone having all the intelligence of the world. Of what value is dissipation to one who has time for just one shot!? It is a great blessing to be spoken to by God.

If we are willing and obedient we shall eat the good of the land, we are told in Isaiah. So, we know that God has something of use in us when He speaks to us. Often, of course, we find it had to believe; so we trifle with His gesture. And we, like I have, wound our hearts with pain we could have avoided.

If anyone reading this is in any way like me, usually very restless and finding it difficult to slow down unless you crash; please, be still. Stay still, so that God can work in your affairs. Do not time God by your clock. God knows that my life is marred by my impatience. My inability to wait till He gives a green light.

Jesus is the cornerstone laid for us, as written. And if we believed in him we shall not make haste. But, how that is so contrary to the speedy time we live in now! I, myself, have been hasty on so many things in which I should have followed the pace of God. I have not fared better, notwithstanding. Making matters worse, God must now look at me with suspicion that I am unpredictable.

But, I know that my source is God. Perhaps, it is this familiarity that tricks me into presumptuousness.  Things are just sometimes so slow, and I get so in need to do something, rather than wait! I must be the only Christian who is this way! May God give me more grace to overcome me. And I do need all your prayers. 

Take it from one who has a first-hand knowing that you'll be better off waiting for God's word before wading into that murky situation.  Don't mortgage your peace of mind, rest and time through ungodly haste. Be still. Let God speak to you. Then, do whatever He tells you to. It is a great privilege to hear from Him.

Please, don't allow your personality make-up to become an open door through which darkness will overwhelm you. It is still moving about like a roaring lion seeking whom to devour. There need not be another one telling my kind of story. I should be enough!

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