A Big Concern In Today's World!

Why make a promise you don't plan to keep?
Why love someone you don't intend to stay with?
Why marry someone you won't want to build with?
Why start something you don't want to finish?

Why take a job you know you won't do?
Why want a life you know you can't live?
Why join a group you know you'll ruin?
Why spoil a thing you know you can't make better?

Why demand favors you know you don't deserve?
Why presume you are something you are not?
Why acquire things you don't need?
Why strive for a place you won't stay?

Questions. Many questions never to be answered. Were we to bother to, we would face our futility. 

Why run for office when all you want to do is serve yourself?
Why ask for trust you know you will abuse?
Why amass the wealth of the people and lament that they are deprived?
Why enjoin people to pray when the solution is in your hands?

God has made everything right, it is our warped ways that cause the problem in the world.  Are we ever going to stop?


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