Lord, Let Our Eyes Be Opened!

When Jesus walked this earth, as we too do now, there were people for whom he was a center of attraction. Every sunrise they quickly got up and hurried out after Jesus, the miracle worker. They just followed him around to see the spectacle of the day. Everywhere he went they followed in a crowd. Some, like today, might even have taken along the media of their era to document what happened. They might have had issues in their lives, but it never occurred to them to obtain solution. Jesus would always be there, they might have thought. They had gotten too familiar with him.

And so it was that fate brought Jesus along the way of two blind men on a certain day as recorded in Matthew 20:29-34. And having heard of all the wonderful works of Jesus till that day, the men determined that he was going to impact their lives too. They had not seen the wonderful works themselves. They only heard the report of them, but they longed to have it done to them too.

So they cried out, "Have mercy on us, Son of David!" And you know what? All the nice people, the familiar crowd who were always following Jesus shouted them down. They must have spoken to them in so many words why they were not fit to receive the attention of their great 'superstar', Jesus; very much like the way security men codon people away from the pastors and priests of today. The crowd must have told them they were unsociable, destitute, unkempt, unrighteous, beggarly, security risk etc. They might have indeed been all of these, but thanks to God, they could not see to know and possibly be downcast by that awareness.

They cried out the more instead, "Lord, have mercy on us, Son of David"
Jesus stopped and called them, saying, "What do you want me to do for you?"

My goodness! Is anything ever easy in this life? Jesus could see that they were blind, right? Of course, they needed their sight.
Why then did Jesus ask what they wanted of him? Well, lets consider our world today for a minute. Someone blind in our world today meeting Jesus might ask him for wealth. He would rationalise that with the wealth he could pay for the cure or all needed aids to make him live comfortably without sight. 

Jesus had to know from them what they really wanted. Did they just want alms or any other thing?

'They said to him, "Lord, let our eyes be opened."

Indeed, Lord, let our eyes be opened in this world. Many have sight but do not see. The eyes of our intellect, the eyes of our spirit, the eyes to see and understand the times. Lord, please let our eyes be opened that we may see the truth of what is going on in our days and that we might live with wisdom.

'And Jesus in pity touched their eyes and immediately they received their sight and followed him.'  

Lord, have pity on us too. We think we see, but we are really blinder than the physically blind. We do not know the times nor the seasons. Let our eyes be opened that we may see as we ought to that we may walk as we should, Lord. We thank you Lord.


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