Joint Heirs Or Laborers

Are We, Indeed, Joint Heirs Or Paid Laborers?

Once Jesus began his ministry, he never lacked opportunity to minister - teach, heal or, deliver. People went after him all over. They waylaid him everywhere he went. And he took nothing from them, except give.
When he needed to pay a tax, he sent Peter to retrieve the money from the snout of a fish in the sea. And he paid for both himself and Peter. He did not call up a special fund raising gathering.

When he had crusades that extended beyond time, he fed the attendees himself; multiplying the fish and loaf brought along by a little boy.

Unlike today, Jesus did not make the people donate monies to him with the claim that it is a practical step symbolising connection to their expected or desired solution.

The church today has become a big money making operation which is worked by very shrewd and crafty business people. Books are written and sold and electronic forms of teachings and sermons are made and sold for profit at outrageous prices. Jesus is being selfishly used without remorse.

Jesus would not have allowed the turning of his 'house of prayer into the den of thieves and robbers.' Sadly, the church and church work in our days have been taken over by those who don't know the heart of the Lord of the 'harvest'. Ministry has become just another profession by which men earn a living!

Just because it is written that 'a laborer deserves his wages,' many people have opted to be laborers, instead of heirs! Few people, whom only God knows, claim ownership of the work. The laborer gets paid for his services and he moves on. He has no stake nor participation in the profit or loss of the enterprise. They want no commitment  They love it just that way. No strings attached.

The true followers of jesus should, as Jesus did, 'be about our Father's business'. One's father's business is one's business. You own it and you do what is required of you selflessly without thinking of getting paid. It is your inheritance, after all.

As we grow in our relationship with God, through Jesus Christ our Lord, let us seek to be joint heirs with him indeed; rather than be just paid laborers.

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