United For Greatness

A Lesson on Togetherness

A united family will be great. A great family must invariably be a united one. Disunity in a family often marks the beginning of its breaking and the setting back of all the aspirations of members of such a family.

In a united family the members channel all their love energy, spiritual energy, physical energy and mental or intellectual energy to issues and they would always be successful most of the time.

Unity at home makes the home a place of peace and serenity. When we operate in the midst of people whom we believe have goodwill towards us, we bring out the best we are capable of because we are at peace with the world.

Our greatest support base is our family. If it is threatened we should really be concerned. Your members know you well - your weakness, your strength, disposition and tendencies.
A united family will encourage you to do any good thing you embark on, and they will be watching over you to ensure you do not draw back. As we are openly connected to our family we shall not easily fall into any destructive temptation that ruins life frequently.

It is a wise action and in our best interest to keep our family united. Let us learn from the nations of the world who, despite their diversity, seek to live in peace and harmony because only that condition fosters development.  

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