Your X-Factor

You Don't Need X-Factor, When You've God!

The X-Factor show is an opportunity to make one person humongously rich, even if they never use their talent eventually. But they also provide the winner with an opportunity to even continue to get richer by giving them a recording deal that is out of this world. It's so desirable you don't want to pass it off!

However, you are rich already when you have God. When you have God that kind of win is a distraction. All things are already yours. But, all things don't become yours for just yourself. Winner does not take all in God, winner wins for all.

As Regie rightly said, " You have work to do."

  In God, you are blessed ( that is, empowered) to work. It is not for your indulgence. To whom much is given, much is usually expected.

When you have God you don't need X-Factor. You don't need a lift because you are already lifted. When you have God you become a lifter because you carry in you the presence of the Almighty. You are a lifter of lives. God is our guaranteed way maker in life.   

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